San Francisco Series: Luz Castillo


My name is Luz Castillo and I just joined PRSSA this semester. My first experience as a member of PRSSA assured me that I made the right choice by joining the organization. I was very fortunate to attend National Conference in San Francisco this past month. I learned many new things about the PR field and it really got me pumped to get my career started.
All the sessions I attended were helpful and informative.  My favorite presentation was by PR professional, Michael Smart, who taught us the seven secrets of perfect pitching. During his presentation, I learned the importance of knowing how to pitch stories to the media and how mastering the art of pitching can put you ahead of others in the PR field. I also enjoyed the keynote speech by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter. It was amazing to hear from one of the most influential people in the current world of social media.

Apart from learning and networking, we also had time to do plenty of sightseeing in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. I have to say that my favorite part about conference was definitely the location! I also enjoyed getting to know the other members from our chapter. Although the first time I met my roommates was on the plane, by the end of those five days, I learned that my chapter is made up of awesome and diverse people. I am really looking forward to working more closely with them here in Miami.

Overall, my conference experience was priceless. It convinced me that PR is what I love to do and it compelled me to look for an internship at a PR firm. I met exceptional people from my chapter as well as from other schools. It surpassed all the expectations I had and most importantly, it motivated me to get involved in my chapter.


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