Intern to PRo: Internship Workshop TODAY at BBC


Intern to PRo Seminar
WUC 245 4:30 p.m.
TODAY, Nov. 13

Sometimes the secret to standing out isn’t a secret at all. We tend to relent about the things we wish we knew growing up, but when it comes to a career in public relations we have your answer. PRSSA will be welcoming three special guests from the Max Borges Agency to give their insights, reviews, and feedback on the secrets to making your internship count.

The frontier of finding post-grad work may seem more like an intimidating battlefield, but it doesn’t have to be.  Nearly every job requests practitioners with experience and internships are the factor to set you apart as an outstanding candidate. Whether you’re paid or unpaid, the coffee runner or the copywriting stunner, an internship is a foot in the door to any job. Guest speakers Kristen Bean, Tiffany Iwankiw, and Sophie Isacowitz from the Max Borges Agency will be speaking at the Biscayne Bay Campus on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 4:30 p.m. in WUC 245 about ways to advance your internship into a job.

The Intern to PRo event will be open to all students at FIU. “This is something we’ve never done before for our members. I think its great because the advice you receive from people who speak from experience is invaluable,” said Luciana Padula, Director of Fundraising. Padula was one of the many members who attended National Conference and got to learn from workshops similar to today’s event. “We are all in the same position now and we want to know how we can transition from an intern position into the real world,” she said.

The Max Borges Agency is top tech PR agency in the US with a focus on consumer technology. Over 70 inventive electronic brands trust MBA to with drawn out campaigns and elaborate product launches. Think Geek, Verifone, iLuv, Griffin Technology, The Huffington Post and Gizmodo are a few of the reputable companies that can speak of their success. Bean, Iwankiw, and Isocowitz were public relations students not too long ago and now work for the outstanding and competitive tech firm. The three Pros will be giving insight and advice on how to find internships, make an impact, and get hired.

Attendants will get a chance to enjoy useful tips, one-on-one talks and refreshments at the seminar. Resume critiques will be taking place for those who want to get a better idea on how to present themselves to a company. All attendants are encouraged to bring a resume for review. PRSSA members are free and non-members are open to a suggested $5 donation. Where will you be when your future is being decided?


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