Mixing it up with PRSSA

By Juliana Gallo

juliana2I was excited when I first found out that there was going to be a PRSSA Mixer. It was going to be my first time at an event and having just transferred, it was the perfect place to branch out and network with not only past and current FIU students, but with PR professionals. I had so many questions and curiosities that I couldn’t wait to get answered.

The event was amazing and it went above and beyond all of my expectations! I was a little bit nervous at first because I am usually a shy person, but everybody made me feel so comfortable and welcome that my nervousness disappeared almost as soon as I walked in. I was able to talk to various PRSSA members as well as FIU alumni and PR professionals that gave me such great advice. They were all being very sincere with their answers and they were truly trying to lead me in the right direction in regards to my career. I got some great advice on when would be a good time to apply for an internship; how to balance school and internships; whether online classes are a good choice; and even on how to improve my resume.

The whole time I was at the mixer I had nothing but good vibrations from everybody in attendance. Everyone was there to help each other and to try and give the best advice they could, and that energy could definitely be felt throughout the night.

I enjoyed the event so much that I couldn’t wait for another one. Not only was it fun, but it really helped me meet and network with a lot of nice people that share my interests. By listening to people’s experiences, I was able to scope out what a major in PR was going to bring to my future. By talking with alumni, I got an idea of what opportunities are out there, and it was truly a sigh of relief knowing that my career field is growing and not stopping any time soon.  I left the event more excited and more motivated than ever about my future in PR!

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