My Experience at National Conference


When I heard there was going to be a public relations conference in Orlando last year, I said to myself, “I have to attend”. I’m so glad I did.  What I never imagined was that attending The PRSSA National Conference in Orlando would give me such a great opportunity to grow in my field. I was able to network with other public relations students from all over the country, which was really amazing because we got the chance to share our thoughts and desires about our future plans in the industry.Image

I attended conference without knowing anyone of the FIU PRSSA members and by the end of the trip, I came out with a new amazing group of friends who share my aspirations. I met a great and talented team of public relations students from FIU that until this day, have helped me broaden my horizons in the field. The most important thing I learned at conference was the many kinds of paths that can be taken within the industry, and which of those is the best fit for me. An experience like this can’t really be explained, it’s something that needs to be experienced first-hand. I was amazed at all the diverse speakers and all the possibilities ahead. I learned about how to handle the media and heard great advice from speakers like Craig Dezern, Vice President of Global Public Relations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and CNN’s famed correspondent, Soledad O’ Brien.

I will never forget this experience because it gave me a great amount of knowledge about the career that I am pursuing and it brought me new friends who are a vital part to my network. Networking is the key. Not only did I learn all of these things, I also enjoyed every moment during my time in Orlando, we all enjoyed the city after conference events in many of Orlando’s attractions.

I am truly excited and look forward to the next opportunity to attend an event of this magnitude and importance to my progression in this industry. San Francisco, here we come!

-Cinthia Lozano

If you’re interested in attending this year’s Bridging the Gap National Conference in San Francisco Oct. 12-16 email We hope to see you there! 


Professional Development Workshop 2011

Our speakers at the Professional Development Workshop were both very keen in the development of students’ careers through the use of engagement and tactics. Betsy Soler spoke about the advantages social media has in today’s busy PR world, addressing the importance of connectivity and interaction. Maria Alexandra Sanchez emphasized the need to stay in the loop of the important happenings going on within an organization while relaying the information in an effective manner.


Overall, we had a successful event with a great turnout. We are very excited for our next Professional Development Workshop coming up in a few weeks.




FIU PRSSA presents the Social Media Summit

The Social Media Summit

FIU PRSSA presents the Social Media Summit November 16, 2010

Are you prepared for the Social Media Revolution? Join the Florida International University William C. Adams Chapter of PRSSA on Tuesday November 16th for an exclusive event featuring three of South Florida’s top social media and marketing strategists as they share their knowledge of the art of social media networking. The panel will feature Michelle Catin– digital and social media manager for rbb PR, Ashley Fisher– social media specialist at Bitner Goodman PR and Alex Vidal– marketing director of South Circle Media. Learn how social media can help secure your future as a public relations professional, how to protect your personal brand and online reputation, and best practices for a successful social media experience! The event is complimentary to all attendees and open to the public.

Social Media Platforms: Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

If social media is a good marketing tool for personal branding or business, why not spend a little time on every platform out there, right? The truth is, it’s much better to focus your efforts. It’s about quality not quantity. The real benefits of using social media as a promotional tool don’t become apparent until you’ve really dug in and invested time in one single place. One of the easiest mistakes to make is spreading yourself thin across lots of different platforms instead of focusing on just one or two.

When you spread yourself thin, you risk never establishing credibility within any of your presences. Without credibility, your efforts to make new friends and get the word out about your business or site will be weak. On the other hand, a strong reputation within a social media platform will make it easier to accomplish your goals.

When building your social media network try to establish a strong reputation in one single platform such as Twitter or Facebook before moving on to the next hot thing in social media. Spreading yourself too think is an easy way to waste time.